The 5 Types of Gambling Disorders We’re Tired of Discussing
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Casinos are known to be the epitome of luxury. People travel the world to play games in casinos. Casinos are not just about gambling, they offer a variety of activities like restaurants, malls, and theatres. The casino industry is not only in Las Vegas, they can be found in many locations across Canada and America.

The years from 1990- 1990 have been the glory days for casinos. The Americans have been going to gamble more often than ever before. In 1990s people started travelling from all over the world to go to Las Vegas. In 1994 there were 9 casinos that opened up which comprised about five million square feet of hotel space and twelve thousand slot machines.

In 2017 there was a sudden downfall in revenue for these casinos because people have been going less often

The casino industry is now no stranger to the concept of automated gambling machines, with the number of these machines set to double by 2020 according to research by Juniper.

There are many reasons for this, including the fact that they are cheap, user-friendly and they reduce waiting times for customers because there will be fewer staff members needed to oversee them.

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